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social effects is a influence. We humans naturally follow the crowd and move with the crowd.

If you hang around with computer enthusiasts, you are one. If you surround yourself with fit looking crowd, you will be fit to 'just fit' in..

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Peer influence/pressure... something that we all can't avoid!

Solution: hang around with the "good" peer influence/pressure! (^o^)


Your article is very interesting. This is a valid fact/point that more people should be conscience of. The problem I have learned to combat is planning and focusing on "MY" meal plannings. Sometimes instead of the pressure of trying to avoid bad eating habits, I skip hanging out with certain friends :-( Nevertheless, they understand and have decided to join me with my new way of obtaining healthier and more balanced eating habits.
I started a new challenge that I plan to repeat with family and friends. I welcome you and yours to please join me as well

Andrea Chopra

Your point is an eye-opener and I get the logic. It does seem likely that people influence what we eat, we're just not aware of it because we see the emotional conventions first (I want to eat here vs. there). This would make for a good study.

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