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Katie Schwartz

Dear Thyroid Blog;

First, I apologize for leaving this note in the comments section, but I can't find your email address.

Thank you so much for your time, I greatly appreciate it. My name is Katie Schwartz. I am the Founder of Dear Thyroid ( We are a literary thyroid support community. Our community of thyroid patients writes love and hate letters to their thyroids beginning with “Dear Thyroid”, of course, among other literary things.

This email is an invitation to participate in the “Thyoliday Blues and Truths” holiday blog tour hosted by Dear Thyroid in an effort to create awareness for thyroid diseases and thyroid cancers. Throughout the month of December, we are asking renowned bloggers to join us in this endeavor. If you accept, please choose a date to post your answers to the questions I'd like to send you, kindly confirm the date with us and send us the URL, so we can direct our users to your site! Not only can you get some fabulous free traffic, but, we’re continuing our efforts in spreading the word and continuing to give voice to thyroid diseases and cancers, an initiative that we all fight for every day.

Doable and fun, right? Right.

I hope you’ll participate. Please email me with any questions you have. Otherwise, I look forward to hearing back and receiving the date you’ll be posting.

All my best and happy holidays,
Katie Schwartz




Well that's good news. I mean, I'm always glad when a story or a study gets spread quickly, but I really wish they'd take more time and be more careful with big, lifestyle affecting reports like this one was.

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