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Taking 100 mg of thyroxin a day since last 17yrs.Tinnitus more than 30 years.I am 77 yrs old.I have no other gereatic problem.
I do have dependance on Restyl(brand name)for sleep and feel heaviness in my feet and mild swelling.

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i was born without a thyroid thus being congenital thyroid am on 0,1mg of eltroxin every day i am 41 years old my symptoms vary from hypo to hyper


I have been suffering from thyroid symptoms since I was 18 years old. It was a struggle to finally discover a system that worked for me and controlled my symptoms (because my doctors were NOT doing anything to help!)

But I finally found what works for me and it has given me back my life!

I even have my own blog now where I try to educate people about thyroid symptoms and problems...

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